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Here is Matthew’s review of Toy Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 (Game, 2009)

By Matthew Hunter

Activision took a risk with the first Modern Warfare game, a military shooter based in modern times, but the risk payed off:  one of the best shooter games ever, numerous awards, universal acclaim. It was inevitable they would make a sequel to either match or beat its success, so in 2009 they released Modern Warfare 2, the sixth title in the Call of Duty franchise.

With the recent announcement of the reboot of the series with Modern Warfare (a prequel) coming out later this year, I thought it was a good time to cover this. How did this game compare to its 2007 predecessor? Let’s find out, and spoilers ahead for Modern Warfare (2007), also fair warning for graphic content ahead.

It was fantastic. That’s how it is, just simply fantastic. From the campaign, to the multiplayer, the twists in its story, and the introduction of Spec-Ops, there’s quite a lot to unpack here.

First let’s start with the story. It starts off five years after the events of the first Modern Warfare. Imran Zakaev, the leader of the Russian Ultra-nationalists was seen as a hero in Russia after his plan to nuke the east cost of the US failed and he was killed (told you there would be spoilers), in Moscow an airport is named after him (this will come into play later). Private Allan of the US Rangers is sent into Afghanistan to free a town from terrorists, after which he is transferred to the CIA and Task Force 141, under the leadership of Captain McTavish, the only apparent survivor from the last game SAS battalion 22. Meanwhile Captain McTavish and another soldier of 141 “Roach” infiltrate a Russian air base and steal a DSN, a military defence system. While they do this Allan becomes a member of a terror cell under the leadership of Vladimir Makarov, and is personally invited by Makarov to participate in one of the most controversial moments in gaming HISTORY.

This moment broke the media at the time, every media outlet was trying to get their hands in it, this mission is ‘No Russian’, where the player plays a hand in a massacre in Zakaev International Airport. The plan was that Makarov would incite a war between the US and Russia, as he knew Allan was an American, leaving his body at the massacre the Russian government would identify it, its people would cry for blood, and Russia would invade.  His plan worked. The DSN was cracked by the Russians, turning it into nothing more than a paperweight, allowing the Russians to slip in almost undetected.

I’m going to leave the campaign right there, as it would take maybe another 10 minutes to explain.

The multiplayer also excelled, some of the best maps in the franchise, large open deserts with a crashed plane in the middle, a huge open woodland with little cover (perfect for snipers), an airport terminal which quickly became a fan favourite, and so much more. It didn’t stop there, the class customization was the apex in the franchise, people used to spend hours perfecting their loadout. Now of course there were problems at first, dual wielding Model 1887 shotguns with the range of snipers, some of the worst, most egregious pre-game chats ever, but I can definitely overlook these faults with the level of quality the rest of the game has.

Spec-Ops missions were a new addition, a series of challenges ranging from hostage rescues, wave survivals, snowmobile racing, all sorts of things, each more difficult than the last. Most could be done solo, one player, but there were some that required multiplayer cooperation, which was also very fun.

Call Of Duty has had its ups and downs over the years, Modern Warfare 2 was one among the golden age, from the first Modern Warfare to Black Ops (hint hint), with an outlier being Black Ops 2, it is nice to see the series return this year, I might get it this year. But for now, I’ll leave it here.




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