AO York’s Sarah Shaw with Michele, Helenn and Revv of Mingling Moms

AO York’s Chapter Manager Sarah Shaw had a special visit yesterday.  Three moms – Michele, Helenn and Revv, dropped by with a donation of $1000.00 for us!

Michele Fuoco, Helenn Ruiz and Revv Tremblett are co-admins of Mingling Moms ,  a Facebook group whose motto is “Behind every brave mom is a tribe of Mingling Moms that have her back.”

Mingling Moms started 18 months ago as a place to “make sure that no mom should ever feel alone”, says Michele.  They don’t allow business posts, and they have a ‘no drama’ rule.  The group has now grown to 230 moms.  Michele, Helenn and Revv have been happy to see the group grow, and members are quick to fill up their posted events.

The group meets for in-person ‘circle talks’, and also hosts a weekly ‘live mingle’ on Facebook, featuring weekly topics such as ‘mom shaming’.  During a recent mingle, the idea of having a Holiday party came up – so they got to work!  In just a couple of week’s the group organized a celebratory dinner and raffle which was a huge success.

Because a number of group members have autistic children, they decided to donate the money they raised to AO York.  We can’t argue with their reasoning!  🙂  The group has plans for more fundraisers in the future, and they’re always open to moms wishing to join them.

Thanks ladies for all that you do, and for making this generous gift to support programs and activities for those with autism and their families in our community.  Happy holidays!