Matthew Hunter is a student at King City Secondary School, who lives with Asperger’s Syndrome. He’ll be attending Seneca College starting this fall.  He loves movies, video games and television, and has agreed to review his favourites (and not-so-favourites!) for AO York. Here is Matthew’s review of Incredibles 2.


Incredibles 2

By Matthew Hunter

Warning: I can’t believe I have to issue a warning for THIS movie, but there is excessive use of strobe lights in this movie, this may cause some people to have seizures. If you or someone you know have epilepsy, exercise caution.

It’s been 14 years since the last Incredibles movie, one of Pixar’s greatest, and we finally find out what happens to the Parr family after the villain “the Underminer” attacks the city. Well, and this is a major plot point, supers both heroes and villains are still illegal in this world.  The Parr family (Incredibles) alongside Frozone fight the Underminer and his huge drilling machine; they do end up winning, but the police arrest the Incredibles and the Underminer escapes. This had to be one of the greatest opening scenes in animated superhero movie history, a great battle, heroes triumphing over the villain, the plot kicks in just at the end:  overall a great opening.

The rest of the movie is just as good.  There are great action scenes – one that is in that whole “seizure warning”, the comedy is on point, there are callbacks to superhero/villain cliches, and the acting is still on point, 14 years after the first movie left off. Of course the animation has improved since 2004, but being the quality it is, just incredible. There are some good plot twists too, even I couldn’t see them coming. One thing I found interesting was the director, Brad Bird actually voices fan favourite character Edna Mode – that I didn’t know.

This movie was great, another Pixar classic.  Although there are some more adult and political themes, such as female empowerment, power to the upper class, etc, this is still a fun movie for the entire family.

As for me, I’m working on two new projects.  These are different than what we’re used to here, I’ll get around to it later. I am also working at Commons Coffee at the Newmarket Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 8 to 1 until end of August.  If anyone wants to come by and say hi, or maybe order something, it would be great.

Until next time, goodbye, and have a great day.


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