It’s that time of year:  AO York and Epilepsy York Region are partnering to benefit from the 2017 Magna Hoedown – and we want you to be part of it!  The #Hoedown is one of our biggest fundraisers; last year we raised almost $40,000 – enough to subsidize 40 weeks of camp!

We’ve now got Prospector’s Raffle tickets to sell. This year’s first prize is $100,000!  The tickets are 3 for $20 and the best part is, everything we sell comes right back to camp.  Camp families can sign out their tickets Wednesdays at dropoff and pickup, or email .  We have a ticket sales derby again this year with a top prize of $500 for the family who sells the most books  – so sell, sell, sell!  

Volunteers will also be selling Thursday evenings at Maunder’s Food Shop in Aurora.  Come say hi and get stocked up for the weekend!

Admission tickets for Friday September 15 and Saturday September 16 are on sale now.  We have paper copies, but why not save a tree and buy your tickets online?  If you get them through our dedicated link, then your tickets will be credited to AO York and Epilepsy York Region.   Click here for event details .

With your help we can make this our biggest Hoedown ever!

Camp means a safe place for my son to have fun outdoors, swim and engage with others who understand and accept him. He goes on field trips and to restaurants, and gets to experience things he would not otherwise be able to. It is a highlight of his year, and I am grateful to Autism Ontario for providing this wonderful opportunity to us.
    – Sylvia Papernick, AOK Camp AOA Parent